The Upper Room

The Upper Room is a weekly gathering for the purpose of getting recharged spiritually for your churches and ministries.  Believers from a variety of churches gather in a safe environment to practice the ministry of Christ one to another and to "fine tune" their sensitivity to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. It's a place to receive and be in the presence of the Lord so that we would be able to take more revival culture with us to our places of work and ministry. 

A typical gathering includes:

  • Testimonies of how we have “stepped out” to release the supernatural power of God in peoples’ lives through healing prayer, prophecy, words of knowledge, creative miracles and more. 
  • Worship of God together. 
  • Study of what the Bible has to say about the supernatural lifestyle and . . .
  • Practice the very things about which we are learning.

All are welcome to come and wait on the Lord together with us in The Upper Room!

For more information or to find out the address of our meeting location, please email: or call Living Fountain Ministries at (480) 237-9972.